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Constantly bringing their A-game, Within Destruction has been making waves in the slam community for well over a decade now. This time around, with their brand-new album Lotus, they’re following the new recipe they’ve cooked up with Yōkai, fusing elements of trap and slam that call for a mind-melting listening experience. (If you are open to the blend of the genres, of course.) Instrumentally, vocally, sonically, and lyrically their most impressive record yet, in my opinion. Within Destruction does more than pick up where their previous critically-acclaimed fusion of slamming deathcore, nu-metal, and trap-infused album, Yōkai, left off. Instead, the band provides what is their most comprehensive display of groove and aggression to date, using everything from “djenty” grooves, trap beats, to spine-shivering slams, matching the weight of their lyrical content to create what stands to be one of the first in a blossoming breed of monstrous releases in the new wave of deathcore we’re seeing in 2022.

Within Destruction’s legacy is one of aggression and memes. Since Yōkai, the group has consistently changed up their sound and introduced new elements to their soundscape, while still delivering in creating some of the hardest-hitting contemporary heavy music Europe has birthed. Lotus is no exception. Within Destruction deliver their over-the-top aggression we heard with Deathwish and Void, mixing in elements of trap, creating an album that is now more diverse and mature than any of their previous offerings.

As with their previous release Yōkai, Lotus is an ever-evolving soundscape departing from the classic sound we all grew to love, which is a bold and ambitious move, without a doubt. Some people will say that such a change will alienate the fanbase that they built up since Void. However, I feel that Yōkai prepared their fanbase and that they are opening themselves up to a wider audience. For better or worse, I believe this will inspire bands to follow in their footsteps in pushing the boundaries to create a fresh sound. I am all for heavier bands experimenting with different soundscapes, thus diversifying the metal scene. This way, bands create something that they can truly call their own and continue to evolve.

The first single from the album, titled Nightmare, which the band released back in April, is a great introduction to the vibe of Lotus. This track demonstrates the band’s ability to blend genres seamlessly, without holding back as they unleash an audible attack on the senses. Frontman, Rok Rupnik’s vocal performance on this whole album almost feels effortless, but you can really tell he has found his new style by listening to this track. The introduction of guitarist, Howie’s pushed clean vocal style is also a very welcome addition to this album, which he clearly has in the pocket. A great example that demonstrates this is the chorus in the track titled Scars.

Within Destruction proves to have plenty of tricks up their sleeves, guaranteeing the listener will be firmly engaged with every second of this release. Their skillset enables them to be just as comfortable getting down with slammy riffs backed by Rok’s monstrous gutturals, as they layer trap/hip-hop sounds ambiently in the background. Yes, you can even expect full-on hip-hop and trap sections in there as well, which I really enjoy. It is not overdone in any way, layered very tastefully as heard in the opening track of the album Lotus.

There are also a lot of thought-provoking messages to be dissected within this release, which helps elevate them beyond the usual blood and guts that this style of music tends to lean towards. A very impressive effort from one of the genre’s hottest prospects.

Lotus has a huge sound, and I am also very happy to note that some production issues that I picked up on Yōkai have been attended to on Lotus. The mix is extremely tight, airy, and well-balanced. As with such low-tuned productions, the low end can get quite messy very easily, but everything sits well in the mix this time around. It’ll destroy eardrums and shatter the senses in the best way possible. Nothing could have prepared for the relentless onslaught Within Destruction brought to this album, but trust us, it’s worth it. The official release date for Lotus is the 30th of September. Get your pre-orders here -


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