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Brexit may have posed some challenges to trade between the UK and Europe, but we are always ready to come up with a solution. We officially set up shop in Europe, allowing us to offer a full range of merchandise services. 

To our clients in Europe and bands heading over - we got you covered. Let's make merch!


"As a small band we were looking for a merchandise company that can flexibly and timely produce small numbers of quality merchandise items in Europe. With Pins & Knuckles Europe, we found a reliable partner for our merchandise production and are happy that we have established a great relationship over the time we have been working together. If it’s embroidery or prints on different garments, the people at P&K got your back and are always happy to help in the nicest way possible!" - Soulprison

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Screen printing is one of the oldest and most popular forms of garment printing. It is a process of pushing layers of ink through a mesh screen (stencil) onto textiles to produce the desired effect. Every colour in the design requires a separate screen and set up which prints each colour individually, for a clean finish.


This process can be used for anything from the most simplistic of designs to the highest detail multi-colour designs on a variety of garments and products.


  • Cost-effective solution for high volume runs.

  • Produces bold and vibrant prints.

  • Because of the density of the inks used, screen printed shirts have been known to maintain their vibrancy for longer.

  • Orders become progressively cheaper as the quantities increase.

  • Simpler designs with smaller colour counts works best.



DTG printing is a more sophisticated way of printing designs on garments using specialized inkjet technology. By using top-of-the-range Kornit equipment, we can achieve what other printing methods can’t.

Digital printing allows us to print your design in full colour as there is no limitation on the number of tones in a single job.

Due to the digital nature of the printing, intricate and detailed designs are more than welcome!

Using water-based inks; DTG gives you a soft print on the garment.



  • Direct-to-garment printing is great for lower volume runs, as it requires less set-up time.

  • Intricate and highly detailed designs is not a problem, including photo-realistic imagery.

  • DTG prints are soft to the touch, as if the print is woven into the fabric itself.

  • No set-up costs.

  • No colour counts.