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All the nitty gritty details to help

protect us and you.



Estimated turnaround times will be agreed upon by Pins & Knuckles and the customer during the order procedure; however these times cannot be guaranteed for various external reasons. Any amendments to the order may incur an extension to the turnaround time.


When putting an order into Pins & Knuckles, the customer accepts sole responsibility for any possible copyright infringements and the reproduction of images. It is believed that you are the owner of the designs you supply or have the permission to reproduce submitted artwork files.


Pins & Knuckles cannot accept responsibility for any failure on behalf of a courier or delivery company used to transit orders. We use top renowned companies but any failed deliveries will be out of our control.



Pins & Knuckles cannot offer returns unless:

a) The product does not match the confirmed and signed off order
b) The product is damaged

Any issues with an order must be raised within 24 hours of receiving the goods. Failure to inform Pins & Knuckles of any order issues within 24 hours of receiving goods will mean that the order is considered to have been checked and accepted.

If the product delivered does not match your confirmed and signed off order please contact us to explain the issue in full, after which we will assess the situation and arrange the return of the aforementioned goods, should this be necessary.


If the problem relates to the quality of the received  product (a misprint or product fault), then a photograph will need to accompany the description of the issue for Pins & Knuckles to assess in full.

Refunds can only be offered should an order be cancelled prior to any work being done by Pins &Knuckles. If you wish to cancel an order you are required to contact Pins & Knuckles as soon as possible, before it goes into production.


These terms and conditions govern your use of this website; by using this website, you accept these in full.

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