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We absolutely love the name ‘Trash Boat’! How did you come across the name, and was it a nod to ‘Regular Show’?

The name is directly lifted from Regular Show! The premise of the episode is that he changes his name to Trash Boat so he can become the most famous rock star in the world. It made a lot of sense at the time. [Tobi]

You guys started around 2014, 6 years is nothing to laugh at! Is there any single thing that Trash Boat has achieved during those 6 years that stands out as something you’re super proud of? 

These last 6 years have flown by and we haven’t taken any second of it for granted, but 2018 is a year that stands out to me personally. We released our second full-length album, ‘Crown Shyness’ during the last ever full cross country Warped Tour which we had the honour of playing. After that, we came home to do a session at the famous Maida Vale studios and got to open up the Reading and Leeds main stage. It was a wild year. [Oakley]

We are all used to bands growing less and less heavy with each album. You guys seem to have flipped this right on its head and seem to be getting a little heavier recently. Is this because of a change in influence or direction? Or is it becoming what you have wanted from the start?

We have a really broad spectrum of musical interests in the band and I think you can hear that in our music. Our songs always get pushed and pulled in a variety of different genres and directions ( especially the ones we have been working on in lockdown)

Tobi has always pushed for the heavier side of things and I always like to keep things a little tamer, but I think that clash of opinions always makes something interesting. The heaviness always comes naturally and has a place in our music and if it feels right in the song, we keep it, simple as that. [Oakley]

Lyrically you guys are super relatable and everything feels so heartfelt and genuine, do they come from personal experience or more what’s going on around you?

Both! I try to make the source of all my lyrics very personal, as I feel all the best lyrics come from a place of truth and vulnerability. It barely matters what the song is about as long as it’s real and drawn from the heart. I have taken more conceptual steps for our new music, taking a wider variety of external influences to create a broader spectrum of topics to share through our songs, but everything still comes from a place of honesty. Even if that means admitting I don’t know a thing about what I’m writing about. [Tobi]

You clearly put a lot of work into your merchandise and it shows. Has there been a particular piece that sticks out as a fan favourite?

Our most recent Cartoon Collection went down better than we ever could have expected. It was a reinterpretation of a t-shirt we first did back in 2014 alongside our debut album. It was our first t-shirt that featured our burning fingers crossed logo embroidered onto the chest. It’s a design that has always resonated well with our fans and something we wanted to bring back but in a new way. [Oakley]

It’s always so interesting to hear all the different takes that different bands have towards merchandise. Could you give us a little insight into Trash Boat’s process for coming up with a new piece of merch?

We are constantly talking about fashion in the band, sending each other products we like, the art we enjoy, etc. From that, I will normally brainstorm a few ideas and start designing with those references in mind.

High-quality garments are so important to us, we take pride in every product we put out and because of this, it can sometimes take a while to find the right garment for the piece. Pins & Knuckles have also been instrumental in helping us make those decisions. [Oakley]

Your website looks absolutely gorgeous! Has having the website changed the way you handle your merch sales? 

It’s been nice running our merch store since the end of 2019. It’s something we used to do when we started and something we wanted to take control of again. Being able to release new products as and when we want to is perfect and I think fans like knowing almost every product on that site is designed, packaged, and shipped by the band. We work hard to keep it running but it’s all worth the effort. [Oakley]

Marketing is always an interesting word to bring up in the world of music, especially these days! Could you explain your approach towards it a little? And maybe give some tips for up and coming bands trying to market themselves in 2020?

When it comes to merch, especially for our website, we try to keep everything as clean and simple as possible. The most important thing we have found is using real images of the products, I have always been more inclined to purchase products with better visuals. It’s all about keeping things interesting and visually appealing to your audience. [Oakley]

With touring being put on hold for now, what has been the thing you miss the most about it? 

I miss almost every aspect of touring. Being with my five best friends 24/7, getting to travel all over the world, and play a show every night. It’s the reason we wanted to start a band. It’s such a strange time, but it is what it is for now, unfortunately.

We can’t wait to get back on the road, it’s the reason we’re in a band. [Oakley]

Have any favourite bands to tour with? 

It’s always great touring with our friends and with bands we have come up with. Always great touring with the boys in Boston Manor, Weatherstate, As It Is,  and Trophy Eyes to name a few.

It was also great touring with some bands that have been doing their thing for so long. Bands like New Found Glory, Less Than Jake, and Sum 41. we all learned a lot playing shows with those bands. [Oakley]

Have there been any unexpected advantages to having this time off of touring?

We have been able to spend the whole time writing and experimenting with new music. It’s been nice being able to take time to breathe and create things a little more outside our comfort zone.

I can’t begin to explain how excited I am for our fans to hear some of the music we’ve been working on. Hopefully, we’ll have something out sooner than you think. [Oakley]

The recent singles have been absolute bangers! Is there a new album in the works? 

As I said, we have been working on a lot of music during the lockdown. That’s all I can say for now, unfortunately. [Oakley]

What is the plan for Trash Boat for the rest of 2020?

It’s really hard to say what the rest of 2020 holds for us with everything that’s going on in the world right now. I don’t see us playing any shows until 2021 unfortunately but believe me when I say we are more than excited to get back on stage and release new music! Whether that’s at the end of this year or early 2021, I can’t wait. [Oakley]

And finally, here’s where we give you a chance to shamelessly promote whatever you would like! Let our readers know what you have going on and where they can support you.

It’s 2020 and there’s not a huge amount going for us. But be sure to follow us on everything @TrashBoatUK and keep your eyes out for new music and new merch.

And check out our merch store at

I hope we’ll see everyone sooner than we think! Thanks for the continued support.


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