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With a touch of nu-metal and a dose of intensity, British trap-metal band, Swarm6ix creates a unique and engaging sound they describe as "trap, goth, and primal." In this exclusive interview, we explore the origins of their innovative style, personal influence in writing, their show it this year's UK Tech-Fest, and their vision for the future. Join us as we unravel the enigma of Swarm6ix and discover the raw power behind their intense and futuristic sonic landscape.

How did the concept of merging metal and trap music come about for Swarm6ix? What was the inspiration behind creating this fusion?

Over lockdown, Dan (guitarist) got heavily into GHOSTEMANE, SUICIDEBOYS, LIL PEEP, and TRAVIS SCOTT. The energy and attitude resonated so hard that it naturally came out in the writing process. With some guidance from a couple of well-known industry heads, we ended up going all in with the idea and took our demos to G1 productions. SWARM6IX was born.

Can you describe the process of blending different genres like metal, trap, and nu-metal? Did you guys face any challenges finding your sound or did it come naturally?

The process was a little alien to us at first, we’d never written songs with samples, drums, and bass at the forefront before, we’re used to building off riffs! We completely trusted George and Nathan of G1 and took every piece of advice and guidance they offered and it’s worked out for the best.

Swarm6ix group photo
In what ways does Swarm6ix incorporate the visual aesthetics of goth culture into your music and performances?

We are very much still a perfect amount of metal band, our origins are very much metal, we move and present ourselves that way, we’ve just adapted vocally and with our writing, our name and branding are calculated in a way that draws in both elements for fans. (As least that was the plan)

What message or emotions do you aim to convey through your music, particularly within the "trap, and goth" framework?

I guess awareness of mental well-being, everyone deals with either, stress, anxiety, drugs, or alcoholism. Ben uses a lot of his past experiences to display thoughts and feelings he’s had either literally or fictionally through his lyrics. It’s important to talk and release with your art.

You guys just appeared at the last foreseeable installation of UK Tech-Fest; how was the show and what are your thoughts about this year’s Tech-Fest?

Immense! We got an amazing crowd, wall to wall, which really wasn’t what we expected! This year’s Tech-Fest was really good for us! It’s a great festival, such a shame that it’s essentially the last one.

Photography by Luke from

What is the band’s bucket list venue or festival that you guys dream of performing at in the future? What makes these venues or events special to the band?

Underworld in Camden, Slam Dunk, and Download to name a few, the reason being these are events and venues we’ve attended as young aspiring musicians with big dreams haha.

What does your “dream festival” look like? This can be completely fictional in terms of location, catering, and line-up; just a fun one. :)

It would have to be a festival in a hot country at the beach with the 90s best Nu-metal artists and today too trap and trap metal artists! 👌🏻

Any upcoming announcements that our readers should keep their ears on the floor for?

For now, we’re booking as many shows in the country as possible! So keep looking out for our single drops and shows near you! Come and join the swarm!

Check the guys out at the links below: Instagram


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