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SAVE US, a rising band with a transatlantic flair, brings a captivating blend of modern alternative pop and metalcore to the forefront of the music scene. In this interview, we delve into their rapid formation in early 2023, and the unique influences that shape their sound. With several singles released, they share the relief and excitement of finally having their music out in the world. They discuss the merging of melodic elements with metalcore aggression and their contribution to the evolving landscape of metalcore. With themes centering on human interaction and the consequences thereof, SAVE US explores the intricacies of reality. The band also expresses their desire for future collaborations with artists from various genres and hints at some exciting surprises in store for their upcoming releases. As a globally embraced band, SAVE US looks forward to forming a worldwide community of fans as they continue to make their mark on the music scene.

Can you tell us about the origins of the band's name, "SAVE US"? Is there a specific meaning behind it?

The name “SAVE US” pertains to a message weaved into the music and visuals, which we look forward to progressing and seeing people figure it out, It explores human emotion and its place in reality.

How did the band come together? Can you share a bit about each member's background and how you all decided to start up the project?

The band came together really fast at the start of 2023, Chris was forming the beginnings of what would be SAVE US with Benji, Searching for the perfect Vocalist, on a whim we came across Miguel’s TIK TOK account where he posted vocal covers, we reached out thinking it was a dead end due to Miguel being US based and the rest of us UK based, but after talks and sharing ideas we got underway and put together a full EP and started to release songs within a few months, Aidan joined during the latter stages of putting together final assets for release, Aidan had worked closely with Chris and Benji in the past on various projects.

Metalcore is known for blending different musical styles. What are some of the key influences that shape the unique sound of the band?

Modern alternative pop music, particularly darker stuff like Billie Elish, Post Malone, PVRIS has a huge impact on the way we approach music as we love to create a certain tone or vibe, Ambience is the core aspect of our sound, warping guitars and synths.

You guys came in full swing with 3 phenomenal singles so far – how does it feel now that you guys have music out there?

A relief, everything happened so fast but at the same time we often felt like it would never happen, we’re super happy with the reception.

Could you describe your songwriting process? How do you approach creating music that balances the aggression of metalcore with more melodic elements that are so present in your sound?

Songs come together fairly quickly, Chris would send an initial idea to Miguel and if a vocal melody comes then a song will form over the next few days, the initial idea usually sets a tone and ideas then tend to come naturally, we don’t like to overthink the process once a song structure is formed we come together as a full band to flesh out the details.

The UK has a rich history in the metal scene. How do you think SAVE US will contribute to the evolving landscape of metalcore in the country?

As a band with members in both the US and UK, you could say the differences in music culture blends. We feel metalcore, rock, and pop music is in a great place at the moment, particularly really heavy bands, we hope to further help bridge the blurred lines between these genres.

Many metalcore bands incorporate strong themes into their lyrics. What are some recurring themes or messages that you guys will explore through your music?

The way we feel as people interacting with each other and the consequences of that is the main topic with an underlying suggested theme of our reality and why this happens.

Collaboration is often a crucial part of music growth. Who would be the ultimate collab for you guys? This could either be for art, vocal collabs, or cinematographers.

This is something we definitely believe in, especially when artists from completely different genres collaborate, there are so many great artists out there we would love, to name a few to collaborate with Ari Abdul, Lynn Gunn, Noah Sebastian, Post Malone, Chino Moreno, Will Ramos.

What is one of the biggest challenges of starting up a fresh project?

For us, it was being subjected to an 8-hour time difference when working on anything related to the art, as for the biggest challenge of all? A band name..

Are there any plans for a full-length or EP in the near future? Can you give us a sneak peek into what listeners can expect from it?

Yes, there will be a few surprises in terms of where we take some of the songs, some a lot heavier and some in the complete opposite direction.

As a UK-based band, have you noticed any regional differences in the reception of your music, both within the UK and on an international scale?

With the two songs we have released we have noticed a great reception from mainland Europe, US, and Australia, we hope to see a global community form over the next few months.


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