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Postmortem Promises' return to the scene has been long-awaited, and the boys reached out to us to check out their second single "Claret Sky" and put our thoughts down. Following up on “Soil Tongue”, their first release after a decade – “Claret Sky” scratches the itch that their first single left, and all we can say is that these guys do not disappoint - 4 minutes and 22 seconds of pure filth! Even though the UK-based deathcore quadrant has been on a ten-year hiatus, they have come back with a vengeance, and this track is a testament to their unyielding musical prowess.

From the opening notes, "Claret Sky" explodes with energy, showcasing the band's signature blend of death metal and hardcore from the get-go. Opening things up with Aaron’s guttural vocals, relentless drumming, and searing guitar riffs that hit hard and fast, leaving the listener no time to catch their breath.

Postmortem Promises Claret Sky

What sets "Claret Sky" apart from other deathcore tracks is its unique blend of different sub-genres. Postmortem Promises has always been known for their ability to mix different styles, and "Claret Sky" is no exception. The song seamlessly transitions from brutal death metal to hardcore breakdowns to melodic metalcore riffs, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience.

The band's musical talent is undeniable, with each member showcasing their skills in their respective instruments. The whole track is filled with two-step riffs, grueling breakdowns, and ambient guitar layers to set a somewhat eerie tone in the back of the mix.

Halfway into the track we hear the man himself, Luke Griffin (Acrania, SHUSH, Human Error) jumps in with his signature pig squeals and shrieky vocals – during this section of the song, there are a lot of dissonant and choppy guitar layers, perfectly complimenting Luke’s vocals, clearly thought out and very well written! The music gels really well with Luke’s vocal tones and perfectly complement each other.

As with “Soil Tongue”, one of the standout elements is the production, which was all done in-house by guitarist, Will Cattanach. The sound is massive and impactful, yet still allows each instrument and vocal part to shine through. As with “Soil Tongue” vocals are at the forefront for me when indulging the track – I’m a complete sucker for Aaron’s performance once again, his gutturals are some of the best I’ve heard in recent years!

Overall, as expected, "Claret Sky" is a fantastic follow-up single from Postmortem Promises. The band's ability to blend different sub-genres of metal into a cohesive whole is impressive, and the production and musicianship are top-notch. With this track, Postmortem Promises proves that they are vital in the deathcore scene, and we can't wait to see what they have in store for us next.


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