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Living a greener lifestyle and opting for eco-friendly choices are on everyone’s lips for the last couple of years. With environmental issues and a general desire to ‘do better’ fuelling us all to keep this topic in mind. Obviously, with good cause! Simple changes to everyday living really can make a difference. Whilst it might not feel like your individual actions can have much impact. The reality is that if we all stand together and start making small tweaks to the way we live our lives, it can add up to significant changes.

This isn’t limited to individuals, of course, we’ve been seeing all kinds of companies, organizations, brands, and bands jumping on the eco-friendly train, which I think is amazing!

One easy way your band or brand can do this when working with us?

By opting for our eco deals and going with garments that are made from sustainable materials. By offering several different environmentally friendly options, from printing, garments, and packaging. We encourage our clients to join us and spread awareness to encourage a more natural-positive mindset.

Continental offers a wide variety of amazing earth-positive garments that are of high quality. And are all made from organic materials.

Using a state of the art, Kornit DTG printer. The inks we use are water-based, biodegradable inks that are naturally sourced, and environmentally friendly. The ink is free of any plastic-like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which contains chemical additives. Because of the inkjet technology it uses. We waste less water as there is no need for cleaning or washing the machinery after use.

And then lastly, we also offer the option of having your garments individually folded or bulk folded in batches of 10. Instead of having each garment individually bagged to eliminate unnecessary plastic wastage.

Why should your band/brand go with eco-friendly services?

Besides the obvious environmental benefits. It’s a fantastic way to demonstrate that your business takes its part in both the conversation and the practical action. It’s also a great way to lead by example. By showing your fans how easy it is to make little changes to our day-to-day lives and make minimize our carbon footprint. You are taking positive steps to help make a difference in your community and you are demonstrating your brand is taking its role in the conversation about the environment seriously.

What are the key differences between ‘recycled’ and ‘reusable’?

The recycled products are one that’s made from recycled materials rather than virgin equivalents. Of course, recycling is a key part of many of our lives. With households and offices across the world diligently bagging up plastics and paper in order to ensure they can be correctly dealt with rather than discarded. That said, reports suggest that our collective attitude towards recycling is worse now than it was five years ago, with the recycling rate across the UK sitting at 44.7%. This is the lowest it’s been since 2015.

On the other side of that, sits recyclable products. These are the items that, once no longer needed or fit for purpose, it can be recycled rather than simply chucked in the bin.

Reusable refers to a product’s ability to be used over and over again. Whilst not always strictly eco-friendly in the sense that it’s manufactured from sustainable materials or designed to be planted in the ground once it’s fulfilled its purpose. Reusable products do eliminate the need for single-use alternatives.

If you’re keen to join the eco-friendly movement and start implementing earth-positive garments for your band or brand, get in touch with us here!


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