Eco Friendly

In the last few years we have seen a massive growth toward being eco-conscious and eco-friendly in an effort to be more sustainable and leave less of a footprint on earth.   At Pins & Knuckles we have made a commitment to be as environmentally friendly as we can to do our part to conserve the environment.

By offering several different environmentally friendly options, from printing and garments to finishing, we encourage our clients to join us and spread the awareness to encourage a more natural-positive mindset.


Using a state of the art, Kornit DTG machine, our inks are water based, biodegradable inks that are naturally sources and environmentally friendly and earth sustainable. This ink is free of any plastic like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which contains chemical additives.

Because of the inkjet technology it uses and wastes less water as there is no need for cleaning or washing the machinery afterwards.

earth positive garments

Here are some of the most popular Earth Positive garments to choose from:
Continental EP01
Continental EP01L
Continental EP22
Continental EP51

less plastic usage

pins & knuckles boxes





You can join our many other customers in opting not to have your garments individually bagged but rather neatly individually folded or bulk folded in batches of 10. 

By joining in this cause we can work to eliminate any unnecessary plastic wastage.

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