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You’ve had this experience before – you bought your favorite band’s merch and you are wearing it every single chance that you get. Band merch especially takes a beating! Think of where your favorite band tee has been; in the mosh, on stage, full of beer… that is why your band’s merch must be of best quality you possibly can get.

The correct style and garment

Choosing the right style and garment for your band’s merch is as daunting task as you make it. There are millions of garment types available for you to choose from, you should just take it on yourself to do some research into which style, material, and quality you want and can afford.

Garment material

Let’s start with the garment material. Everyone that buys your merch will feel it on their skin. That is the first test of quality. Know which type of material merch you would want to wear. One of the most popular choices is 100% ringspun cotton as it is a soft material type which looks great with a print on. Other choices to consider are cotton and polyester blends, or a triple blend with 50% cotton, 25% polyester and 25% rayon.

Keep in mind that quality materials are more expensive, but they last longer, won’t shrink after a wash or two and simply look good. The next thing that will make one garment stand out from the rest is the fit and the cut. A great fit just makes a garment and the person wearing it look a bit better than the rest. Do a bit of research in the fashion market and see where all the buzz currently is! Fashion is always changing and keeping up with it might just be the difference in making those extra sales.

Garment quality

Quality goes hand in hand with the garment price. Saving a few bucks here and there is crucial to bands, we know, but think of your product as you would of any other company. It’s just not worth it to cheap out. Quality beats quantity and your fans will love you all the more for it.

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