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Flash Morgan Webster, the high-flyer, the MODfather, talks about the UK wrestling industry and tips and tricks on how to incorporate merch into your wrestling career.

Please introduce yourself and tell our readers how you came into wrestling.

My names Flash Morgan Webster, I’ve been wrestling for over 8 years all over the world. I got into wrestling like any young child. I saw it on TV and began ‘playing’ wrestler with my friends. As I got older, I realized I wanted to take it more serious and found the Dragon Pro wrestling Academy in South Wales.

What makes wrestling unique in England compared to other countries?

If you ask any wrestler in the world they’ll tell you that the fans are the post passionate in the world. We’d always had the talent here but over last 5 years the fans have become a community. Selling out shows every weekend, buying merch and supporting the scene allowing wrestlers to grow.

How have you incorporated merch into your career as a wrestler?

When I first started Merchandise for a British independent wrestler wasn’t a thing. Now it can be the difference between you being a part time wrestler and a full time one. As I said the fans in the UK are so supportive, if you resonate with them they’ll no doubt want to represent you by wearing your merch.

What tips and tricks regarding wrestling merchandising have you picked up along the way?

Black sells! Haha. Like many rock or heavy metal scenes, black are the T-shirts of choice. I’ve done various colours, but none sell as well as black. The best thing I’ve learnt over last few years is that the best wrestling T-shirts are the ones that don’t look like wrestling T-shirts. Fans want to buy T-shirts they can wear anywhere.

Why do you think it is important to incorporate merchandise in the wrestling industry?

Merchandise can help develop characters and build brands, helping a wrestler stand out from the crowd. It can be the difference between someone being seen as the opening act or the main event.

What is your best-selling item or design?

T-shirts are always the best seller. As for design, I have this great Joy Division unknown pleasures Inspired T-shirt, where the wavy lines take on the shape of my head. Then it has my name on the top and ‘Will Tear you apart’ at the bottom.

How do you go about marketing your merch to your fans?

I’m a British Mod and I incorporate that style into my look and wrestling persona. That style is also apparent in my merchandise drawing inspiration from The Who, The Jam, Oasis and Arctic Monkeys.

Where can fans see more of yourself? Any websites / social media / upcoming

Like any wrestler I’m on Social media, Twitter: @Flash_Morgan and Instagram: @flashmorganwebster

As for upcoming shows I can be seen all over the country on numerous independent shows (dates can be found on my social media). Or on the upcoming WWE NXTUK shows at the Liverpool Olympia on 24th & 25th of November.


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