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Festival season is upon us and as any avid festival-goer will tell you, it’s better to be prepared for all the late nights, thirsty mornings, and unexpected shenanigans than to fade out on the first day. There is nothing as fun as leaving your worries at home and getting down and dirty for a few days with good friends, loud music, and an open mind. Being well prepared for one of these escapades will ensure a great experience well worth feeling like a wet sack of dough after the fest.

Money is tight, so working out a budget will get you through each day comfortably. Buy your tickets in advance to save money and to avoid being scammed or not being able to get a ticket at all.

Arrive early to claim a good piece of real estate where you can pitch your tent and live like a true camping master for the duration of the festival. Don’t be that crew that has a messy campsite. Take a few bin bags and keep your kingdom clean, littering is not cool people.

Be careful of “arrival aggression” (the act of over-excited drinking and using all your supplies on the first night) Pace yourself and you’ll have enough supplies and energy for each day.

Take care of your personal hygiene because no one wants to sleep next to someone who smells like an overripe potato. Get to the showers early in the morning and take extra wet wipes.

Bring your own food and drinks to save money. Rather spend your cash on band merch, funny hats, and those glowing stick things.

Take an extra battery charging pack to keep your phone charged for emergency calls or to document your adventure over the next few days.

Take care of your body inside and out. Use sunblock on your shoulders, face, ears, and head (if you have no hair). You and your friends can practice the “hydro homies” ritual throughout the fest by drinking at least 2.5 liters of H2O a day to soften the hangover and keep your insides happy and hydrated.

Light the way with a nifty torch to avoid tripping over tent pins or falling down a well, saving you a trip to the medical tent as this will surely ruin your otherwise great vibe.

Most importantly, be nice! Help someone who’s lost, lend some toilet paper to those in need, and let the vertically challenged stand in front so they can see the band. Everyone is there to have a good time and stay safe. Rather safe than sorry, download our festival checklist to double-check your inventory!


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