Types of Ink

“The soft texture of the ink means you will barely feel it when you do the “drag-your-finger-across-the-print-test”.”

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Simon Miller

“I’m not a natural salesman unless of course I’m in a ring and someone punches me in the face. Then, hopefully, that changes. I do enjoy the process of developing a t-shirt idea, but I do need to do better in terms of linking all those together and offering a product that each audience can enjoy.”

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Printing Quality & Types

“If you put your stamp of approval on a certain product, you would want to know which method is the best way to achieve the best product, right? Let’s look at some of the most popular printing methods and what their advantages are. “

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“I can express myself or my ideas and present my character in any certain way I see fit on a piece of merch.”

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Garment Styles & Quality

“Everyone that buys your merch will feel it on their skin. That is the first test of quality. Know which type of material merch you would want to wear.”

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Millie Manders

I don’t think it’s necessarily about keeping up with the changes, more always being open to new ideas, listening to your fans and being creative with what you put out.

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The gap between the high street market and the merchandise market may begin to close as people are getting the exact same (or better) quality goods from their favourite band as they get from big name online or high street retailers.

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“…focusing on quality over quantity is super important when it comes to merch designs/printing. It’s better to build your range up over time with solid designs you feel sell your brand/product well and will last…”

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Flash Morgan

Flash Morgan Webster, the high-flyer, the MODfather, talks about the UK wrestling industry and tips and tricks on how to incorporate merch into your wrestling career.

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StayClose Clothing

We caught up with Harky, owner of StayClose Clothing, on how he started out, the impact and influence of social media on clothing labels as well as some helpful tips for future and beginner clothing label owners. He is such a sincere and honest person and we cannot be more honored to print for a clothing line like his!

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