Labels & Packaging

High Quality Garment Finishings.


Our garment labels are premium, woven, custom labels that can be added to all garments. Available in a variety of sizes, colours, and shapes to cater to your custom design. Choose from neck, hem, sleeve, and inside instruction labels. Once chosen, we can professionally remove any standard garment labels and replace them with your custom printed labels.

Take your merchandise to the next level with quality and credible labeling that makes your brand stand apart from the rest.


Garments can be individually packaged in clear poly bags for clean and premium protection. The packaging will assist in maintaining the garment’s perfect condition when being transported and handled. We can label or barcode the packages for you in any way you’d like, so that they are ready to be sold.

We are aiming on becoming more environmentally friendly by cutting our plastic use by 80% in 2020, so check out our Eco-Friendly deals for special discounts.

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