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How interesting can types of ink really be, right? We’ll keep this piece short and only provide the need-to-know information.

Let’s get started!

There are 3 widely used inks when it comes to garment printing.

Plastisol Ink

Plastisol is a super common ink used by most garment printers. It is a petroleum-based product which makes it versatile and very durable. It sits atop the garment, giving the garment that slightly raised look and feel. Wash after wash this ink holds up and gives a bright and solid design and colour.

Water-based Ink

Because water-based ink uses water as their main solvent it works well with light garments like white. The soft texture of the ink means you will barely feel it when you do the “drag-your-finger-across-the-print-test”. Another advantage is that with water-based inks it is easier to pantone match to exactly the colour of your unique design.

Discharge ink

This type of ink is also water-based, what sets it apart is that it removes or dyes the garment colour with the ink colour, unlike plastisol that sits atop the garment. The print becomes part of the shirt.

Short and sweet. If you want to go into depth and study up on your different types of ink – YouTube is your friend and has all the information you need!


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