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For our readers that might not be familiar with you guys, could you give a quick introduction to ChuggaBoom and how the band started out?

In the unlikely event that your readers haven’t heard of us, we’ll make this quick. We are The Greatest Metalcore Band on Earth™. Comprising of members from failed bands from across the land, handpicked by the ChuggLord to restore breakdowns to the galaxy.

We absolutely love the name ‘ChuggaBoom’! How did you come across the name?

We wish we could tell you that it came to us in a dream, or that it was an onomatopoeic representation of the aural qualities of the music we make – we would love to tell you the branding and logo we created was so dope that we couldn’t dream of changing our name, however… the truth is, it was our the name of our favourite car in Wacky Races. What a toon.

How would you define your music style?

It cannot be described in words, only numbers…

0-0-0   0-0-0   0-0-0   0-0-0  0-1-3-1-0-4-3-1-3 BLEGH! [insert high pitched singing] 0-0-0   0-0-0   0-0-0

What is your best memory since starting the band? There must be some crazy stories from shows and tours?

The best moment for me was watching our video for Mad Skills Brah! go viral. It was the most insane experience. I remember exactly where John was when we were calling each other, as we could not believe what we were seeing. He was half cut, getting thrown out of the Northampton beer festival, shouting “I AM GOING TO BE FAMOUS AGAIN!” while our video gained thousands of views every minute.

You clearly put a lot of work into your merchandise, has there been a particular piece that sticks out as a fan favourite?

ChuggaDoom is the fan favourite. You guys know that though because your art elves have been painting that onto cotton for the last few years on the regular. Not to mention the stickers you provide us with are adorned on every venue wall on the toilet circuit.

It’s always so interesting to hear all the different takes that different bands have towards merchandise. Could you give us a little insight into your process for coming up with new merchandise?

A lot of our designs rely heavily on plagiarism – we start off with someone else’s idea and then tweak it just enough that we can call it our own and hope they never find out.

How do you guys approach marketing for your music and merchandise? With social media algorithms constantly changing and being updated, how do you guys keep up to date and make sure that your fans are aware of any new stuff being released?

We are as baffled by the algorithms and nuances of the modern internet as everyone else. We do not subscribe to being able to work the machine or know how to play the game, we are just lucky enough to have an energetic, engaged fanbase that supports us in what we do and encourages us to keep producing content. Releasing one song a day, every day, leading up to Christmas probably helps, but we know how lucky we are to have such awesome supporters of the band.

With shows and touring hopefully opening up sooner than later, are there any tours planned that our readers should go grab some tickets for?

We have our biggest tours to date in 2021 with our pals in Our Hollow, Our Home, TheCityIsOurs, and For I am King. Starting off in the UK in September and hopefully taking over Europe in November. We are all incredibly excited to play to people who have been supporting The ChuggLife for years. Follow the link for dates and tickets.

What is the plan for ChuggaBoom for the remainder of 2021?

We have a really exciting, Taylor Swift inspired stunt that we are gonna pull in the coming months, followed by a really exciting, Usain Bolt inspired stunt, topped off with a UK and EU tour…but we don’t wanna give too much away.

Where can our readers find you and if you guys anything to plug, feel free to go ahead!

Come and see us on YouTube and Spotify by following the following links:


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