The world seems to be heading into a new territory, at least for the time being, with the COVID-19 virus tipping everything upside down.  Working from home is certainly not a new idea for some, but for a big group of people it is a big adjustment to make.  Here are some tips that we are implementing from our side that might give you some ideas on how to keep sane (while staying safe) while working from home.

  • Bedroom office?

Probably one of the most important things are setting up your home office.  It doesn’t have to be a traditional office in the sense; however, this space should let you know and feel in a work mood.   No distractions from Netflix, your PlayStation or a fridge in your site (yes, we are struggling with that one).

Make this space your own – bring in some greenery to your desk – add a plant or two to keep the oxygen flowing.  Make a space for your cat next to you and make use of the extra time spent at home and give your pet an extra bit of love now and then.

  • Structure or plan your day

Our days in the office are usually influenced by a certain structure.  When stepping in the normal office you usually switch to work mode and you almost instinctively know what to do and when.  When at home you have to focus a bit harder to keep that workflow moving. 

Make a list of things you want to achieve and focus on that specific day.  When you are spinning a bit and you are not sure of what to do next, check your list and keep moving!  Almost just as important as making the list is to actually tick it off!  For myself, to cross out the task I set out to achieve gives a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  It almost doesn’t feel as if I’m done if the task is not crossed out or ticked off.

  • Get moving!

With #2 in mind, don’t focus so hard on getting those to-dos checked of that you completely miss standing up, taking a stretch and relax your eyes from that computer screen. 

Reward yourself every now and then for the hard work done and take a stroll in your house, garden or neighbourhood if you can.  Hell, even doing some small household chores are a great way of taking a break and giving you more time for relaxing after work is done.  Taking your mind off work is a great way to process info even when not thinking about work.  Your mind will process the info you’ve been struggling with while washing the dishes, for example, and you’ll find when you sit back down for the next session you might just have the solution or idea you’ve been struggling to come up with!

  • Shut off

It is very important to break off your day when you stop working.  Make sure you do something that signifies your workday is done and relaxing can start.  This is to ensure your days and weeks feel separated in work and play and not just one long week of work.   What I do after work is a good session of yoga or a good old session with the PlayStation that signifies the end of the day and that my duties of relaxing can now begin.

Although these tips are pretty straight-forward, and you might know it already, it is vital to take them to heart to make sure your mental and physical health stays top priority during these strange times.