Just received my order from Pins and Knuckles and absolutely delighted with them! Highest quality! Lovely and easy to deal with also. Highly recommend to do anyone looking to get some merch made! ? – Golgotha

JD Dreyer Mar 31, 2020 Comments Off on Golgotha Read More

Pathogenic Virulence

We’ve ordered shirts, hoodies and caps for Pins & Knuckles and i was very impressed of how helpful and professional they were though out the process. The quality of the print was beyond our expectations. We’re very happy for choosing them and we still will in the future. Definitely recommend!!!
Thanks guys! – Pathogenic Virulence

JD Dreyer Mar 31, 2020 Comments Off on Pathogenic Virulence Read More


We just worked with Pins & Knuckles for the first time on our new T-shirts and the quality turned out excellent, customer service was top notch, very quick and helpful replies. Also, their technical advice was invaluable, and delivery was very fast. Great job throughout! – Sectile

JD Dreyer Mar 31, 2020 Comments Off on Sectile Read More


Hands down the best service and quality for UK printing. Premium Cotton T-Shirts are superb. Cheers! – Ante Inferno

JD Dreyer Mar 31, 2020 Comments Off on Ante-Inferno Read More

Epic Fail

Well where do I start? ? Amazing customer service an outstanding company and awesome merchandise! My band Epic Fail have previously purchased T shirts in big bulk and we have never been disappointed! If you want good quality material and fast service then Pins & Knuckles won’t disappoint! ? – Epic Fail

JD Dreyer Mar 31, 2020 Comments Off on Epic Fail Read More


Great quality shirts, we had some concerns about the complexity of our design, and how doable it would be with screen printing, but they did it with no problems at all, once the order was placed the shirts arrived by the end of that week. Great service from start to finish. Thoroughly recommended. – Celtachor

JD Dreyer Mar 31, 2020 Comments Off on Celtachor Read More


Incredible experience ordering from these guys! From the customer service to the quality of the finished product. I will 100% be ordering from them again. – Drumhead

JD Dreyer Mar 31, 2020 Comments Off on Drumhead Read More


Amazing customer services, nicest and calmest people there with top notch qualify garments and prints
My clothing brand always goes here. – Acid CTRL

JD Dreyer Mar 31, 2020 Comments Off on Acid CTRL Read More

Kelly Robinson

By far one of the best merchandise companies I have worked with.

Really lovely staff that work so hard to make sure you receive exactly what you’re looking for.

The quality of the merchandise is second to none.

I could go on but simply put – they are FANTASTIC – Kelly Robinson

JD Dreyer Mar 31, 2020 Comments Off on Kelly Robinson Read More


Stupid fast turn around. Outstanding service, communication and totally amazing product. We had 50 custom design shirts. Ordered Tuesday morning, in a box on my doorstep Friday morning!!
These guys bend over backwards and know how important merch is to a band. – InWhichItBurns

JD Dreyer Mar 31, 2020 Comments Off on InWhichItBurns Read More


Can always rely on Pins and Knuckles for fast delivery and quality garments. They offer a huge range of services as well as competitive prices. – Malign

JD Dreyer Mar 31, 2020 Comments Off on Malign Read More

Rip Tide Wrestling

Pins and Knuckles are so on it man. You always get a swift response and you always know where you stand with your order – Rip Tide Wrestling

Shannon Wellby Jul 24, 2019 Comments Off on Rip Tide Wrestling Read More

Neck Deep

I have found Pins & Knuckles service to be exemplary: competitive pricing, fantastic communications and customer service, efficient turnaround to tight deadlines and high quality products. Ideal service for the flexible, unpredictable needs of a touring band, as well as quality goods for online web stores. Couldn’t recommend them enough. – Leander Gloversmith (Neck Deep/ As It Is)

Shannon Wellby Feb 08, 2016 Comments Off on Neck Deep Read More

Our Hollow, Our Home

We have been using Pins & Knuckles for years for all our apparel and stage backdrops and found them to be faultless. Great quality and rates, fast turnaround and outstanding customer service. Beyond highly recommended. Top of their game. – Our Hollow,Our Home

Shannon Wellby Dec 05, 2018 Comments Off on Our Hollow, Our Home Read More

Bleed From Within

P&K’s attention to detail is second to none, as is their customer service. This is why they’ll always be our go too company for everything merchandise related. Don’t waste your time with anyone else. – Bleed From Within

Shannon Wellby Dec 01, 2018 Comments Off on Bleed From Within Read More

Jeremy Loops

Our team at Jeremy Loops has been working with Pins & Knuckles for nearly five years now. They’re a super knowledgeable bunch, with great pricing, great customer service, and an incredible turnaround time that’s dug us out of deep inventory holes when we’ve had huge sales spikes. They’re a key partner in our merchandising operation. – Jeremy Loops

Shannon Wellby Dec 01, 2018 Comments Off on Jeremy Loops Read More

Flash Morgan Webster (WWE)

The British Wrestling Scene has grew vastly over the last 8 years and with that so has the demand from the fans for great quality merchandise. Pins and Knuckles not only meets that demand but with their great product knowledge, quick turnarounds and unbeatable pricing it means not only is the Wrestling in Britain the envy of the world but so is the merchandise. – Flash Morgan Webster (WWE)
Shannon Wellby Dec 03, 2018 Comments Off on Flash Morgan Webster (WWE) Read More

Rising Merch

Pins & Knuckles provide a top quality service & the most competitive prices. We highly recommend Pins & Knuckles to anyone who want to offer their customers the best products without having to pay high premiums for it. – Rising Merch

Shannon Wellby Dec 02, 2018 Comments Off on Rising Merch Read More

Raw Power Management

Not only do Pins & Knuckles consistently deliver quality merchandise goods, backdrops and scrims for a large number of acts on our roster here at Raw Power, they also offer quick and reliable turnaround times, which is key in the live and touring world. P&K offer solutions for highly competitive rates and I would definitely recommend them to artists and managers. – Raw Power Management

Shannon Wellby Nov 07, 2016 Comments Off on Raw Power Management Read More


Pins & Knuckles have always been our go to merch company for a bunch of reasons. They’re fast, happy to guide you through new purchases and designs, get stuff out to you mid-tour and super friendly. In short, they’re perfect. – Anavae

Shannon Wellby Dec 01, 2018 Comments Off on Anavae Read More

Down For Life Music

I have worked with Pins & Knuckles for many years for merchandise needs for various events and for Down For Life Music artists such as Our Hollow, Our Home, High Rise & The Uncharted. I’ve found them to be top quality at all levels with unbeatable rates, fast turnaround times and exceptional customer service. I only recommend P&K for merchandise and they also do great staff banners and backdrops. – Mike Goncalves (Down For Life Music)

Shannon Wellby Dec 05, 2018 Comments Off on Down For Life Music Read More

Weight Of The World Apparel

Pins & Knuckles are by far the best printers we have had the pleasure of using. We made the decision to move all our designs over to them after our first order. One of the only companies I know offering free delivery, bagging & stickers. Their turn around is is super fast and customer service is amazing. – Weight Of The World Apparel

Shannon Wellby Mar 13, 2017 Comments Off on Weight Of The World Apparel Read More

Lost Ghosts Clothing

Making the change to use Pins and Knuckles as our printer’s was the best decision we could have ever made. From the moment we contacted them, we had nothing but great service from start to finish. Our initial contact was  brilliant, we were given all the information we needed and were greeted by excellent customer service in helping us get a quote and find the perfect product for our brand. When our items arrived, there was nothing we could fault with them at all. We were kept in the loop about our order throughout the whole process and received our items super quick. We’d highly recommend Pins and Knuckles to anyone; top class service! – Jess, Lost Ghosts Clothing

Shannon Wellby Mar 09, 2017 Comments Off on Lost Ghosts Clothing Read More


Pins & Knuckles Merch have by far the most competitive rates for quality products. To top it off, all round awesome customer service and lighting fast delivery! Highly recommend! – Giants

Shannon Wellby Mar 05, 2017 Comments Off on Giants Read More

Capital Artist Management

Pins and Knuckles offer a very personal and unique service to meet the many requirements I have for all my acts, from start to finish you wont find a more ‘on the ball’ company who is willing to go that extra mile to make sure the customer is fully satisfied. – Capital Artist Management 

Shannon Wellby Dec 20, 2016 Comments Off on Capital Artist Management Read More

Sworn Amongst

The shirts are the best shirts in the business! The quality is fantastic and thank you so much for the quick turn around! – Sworn Amongst

Shannon Wellby Jul 27, 2016 Comments Off on Sworn Amongst Read More


Our order was spot on and everything was perfect! By far the quickest and most efficient turnaround we’ve had for any merch being printed. – Weatherstate

Shannon Wellby Jul 22, 2016 Comments Off on Weatherstate Read More

Hole Hearted Apparel

“Genuinely the best printing company we’ve worked with since we started Hole Hearted.  Great quality printing and finishing, excellent customer service and advice alongside a really quick turnaround.  These guys know their trade!” – Hole Hearted Apparel

Shannon Wellby May 29, 2016 Comments Off on Hole Hearted Apparel Read More

CRMC Clothing

“From print, to labelling and packaging, Pins & Knuckles nailed the job! Can’t wait to work with them again!”
Gareth Cook – CRMC Clothing

Shannon Wellby Feb 21, 2016 Comments Off on CRMC Clothing Read More

Aim Higher Apparel

When I started Aim Higher Apparel, it seemed like a daunting task to launch a new brand with no previous knowledge of the industry but Pins & Knuckles helped to make the process so easy. From my first conversation with them, I felt like we were on the same page and when I received the first batch of garments, I was not disappointed! I have received so much more than just some T-Shirts; Invaluable advice, expert knowledge, great customer service and a flawless final product. – Aim Higher Apparel

Shannon Wellby Feb 17, 2016 Comments Off on Aim Higher Apparel Read More


This was our first time working with Pins and Knuckles and we will be getting all of our merch with them in the future! We had the goods in our hands within a week of our initial contact with them….great service! – TRC

Shannon Wellby Feb 10, 2016 Comments Off on TRC Read More

Cut Me Off

I’m extremely happy with the level of service, it’s very informative and friendly. I couldn’t of asked for more. The quality has exceeded my expectations with the Tee’s, and Tanks. Very happy. Defiantly proud to say Pins & Knuckles produce CMO’s stuff! – Cut Me Off Clothing

Shannon Wellby Feb 08, 2016 Comments Off on Cut Me Off Read More

Protest The Hero

When travelling abroad, we are used to taking what we can get in terms of merchandise.  Often times, you can’t rely on a high quality of garment or print job from a merchandise company you haven’t worked with before.  This isn’t the case with Pins and Knuckles.  They have constantly delivered a quality of product I am amazed by and would spend money on myself.  Can’t thank them enough for their honesty, integrity, and attention to detail.  – Protest The Hero

Shannon Wellby May 28, 2015 Comments Off on Protest The Hero Read More


Pins & Knuckles service was great. They were extremely accommodating and you made me feel at ease. It can be worrisome to the band when it comes to an outside party dealing with band merchandise (and band money). Pins & Knuckles were attentive and sensitive to my concerns. P&K were thorough and had a great attitude. It was a pleasure to work with P&K and your associates. Probably the best venue-sale experience I’ve had in a long time. – Carnifex

Shannon Wellby Apr 13, 2015 Comments Off on Carnif Read More

Party Cannon

Pins & Knuckles are easily the best printing company I have worked with. Friendly and helpful staff, fast turn-around time and high quality prints for amazing prices! Will definitely be using them for all my printing in the future! – Party Cannon

Shannon Wellby Feb 08, 2016 Comments Off on Party Cannon Read More

RSI Apparel

Incredibly professional, and a great likeminded group of people to work with, who want to create high quality products – RSI Apparel

Shannon Wellby Feb 08, 2016 Comments Off on RSI Apparel Read More

Bloodshot Dawn

The most professional affordable service we have encountered in the almost 10 years of being a band! – Bloodshot Dawn

Shannon Wellby Feb 08, 2016 Comments Off on Bloodshot Dawn Read More

Blaze Bayley

Blaze Bayley Recording has been very satisfied with the delivery of the tshirts that were ordered at Pins & Knuckles.  The print on the tshirts is bigger and quality of tshirts is excellent.  Would not hesitate to order again from Pins & Knuckles – Blaze Bayley

Shannon Wellby Feb 08, 2016 Comments Off on Blaze Bayley Read More

Pay No Respect

The best thing about Pins & Knuckles is that they have touring experience as band members themselves  and know how to cater to you needs which is rare in the UK. Fully recommend to any band at any stage in their career to use Pins & Knuckles – Pay No Respect

Shannon Wellby Feb 08, 2016 Comments Off on Pay No Respect Read More


It’s rare that you come across a company with this level of professionalism and quality. Pins and Knuckles interpreted our designs beautifully, and for that, we thank you! – LCNVL 

Shannon Wellby Aug 25, 2014 Comments Off on LCNVL Read More

Turning Tricks Entertainment

Pins and Knuckles are our first call when organising a tour or festival, they are professional and courteous to our patrons and artists. I can trust them to get the job done. – Krank’d Up Festival

Shannon Wellby Aug 20, 2014 Comments Off on Turning Tricks Entertainment Read More


We’ve worked with a ton of dodgy merch companies – P&K are by far the nicest to work with. They take pride in the products they’re creating for you and do so on friendly terms. – Anavae

Shannon Wellby Feb 08, 2016 Comments Off on Anavae Read More

Transcending The Flesh

After using another company that failed to deliver the quality I required for my bands merchandise and knocking my confidence in the local merch industry. I turned to Pins and Knuckles after seeing some of the merch they had printed for other bands. Not only did they come up with the goods they also won my confidence back in local merch printing and I’ll definitely be using them in the future. – Transcending The Flesh

Shannon Wellby Feb 08, 2016 Comments Off on Transcending The Flesh Read More


First time using Pins & Knuckles and blown away by the quality of service. Print quality is outstanding and the turnaround is the best I’ve ever worked with. – Battalions

Shannon Wellby Feb 08, 2016 Comments Off on Battalions Read More

Just Music

 The first time we met Shannon, we found him to be incredibly knowledgeable about the South African music industry, passionate about music, focused on putting the artist’s needs first and extremely professional. Pins & Knuckles are a fresh, much needed merchandise, one stop shop, supplier offering an excellent service! We are grateful to have them on board –  Just Music

Shannon Wellby Aug 20, 2014 Comments Off on Just Music Read More


Pins and Knuckles are the only merchandising company I would use. In my career in the music industry I have dealt with various retailers and merchandisers and they are by far the best I have had the pleasure of dealing with. From great administration, as well as perfect printing and friendly sales staff, Pins & Knuckles are the absolute best. – Shortstraw

Hannes Matthysen Jul 21, 2014 Comments Off on Shortstraw Read More

Just Jinjer

We found the Pins & Knuckles team to be the most professional merchandise handlers we have ever dealt with, their commitment to going the extra mile has been such a value to the band. – Just Jinjer

Hannes Matthysen Jul 21, 2014 Comments Off on Just Jinjer Read More

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