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Postmortem Promises, the UK-based deathcore outfit, has returned after a decade-long hiatus with a brand-new single, 'Soil Tongue' that drops tomorrow! Fans of the band will be pleased to know that the band has not lost their touch during their time away. Although the band consists of new members; Will Cattanach (Spoiler), Dan Cooke (Human Error, ex Acrania), and Domenik Zavodivski (Mothjaw). They clearly gel as a group elevating the project to a new level. Their latest offering showcases the band's signature blend of crushing death metal riffs, exceptional guttural vocals, blast beats, and punishing breakdowns.

One of the standout elements of 'Soil Tongue' is the band's use of dynamics. The track starts off with a groovy, brooding introduction that sets the stage for the carnage that is to come. As the song progresses, the band expertly builds tension, gradually increasing the intensity until the listener is fully immersed in the chaos all while showcasing their ability to switch between tempos and styles. This is particularly evident during the outro of the song where the band switch gears by slowing the track down with a grueling slammy breakdown that will leave you wanting more. During the outro, Mike Greenwood from Angelmaker jumps on board with a feature. The two vocalists bounce low and slow gutturals off each other. Really cool hearing Mike on the track, as he is one of the raddest vocalists on the scene right now!

The vocals on 'Soil Tongue' are a standout for me. The band's frontman, Aaron Ketley delivers a commanding performance, switching between gutturals and fry screams with ease. His performance is both aggressive and emotive, perfectly complementing their music. On this track, Aaron delivers some of the best gutturals I’ve heard in a while without a doubt.

The production, done by guitarist Will Cattanach is also noteworthy. The mix is crisp and clear, with each instrument spaced out perfectly in the mix. The drums are powerful, with the kick drums and bass hitting like a jackhammer. The guitar tone has a rich, full sound that is both heavy and melodic that bites through the mix. The vocals are layered and placed at the forefront of the mix with a very raw sound which works so well for those lows that Aaron spits out. You can feel him pushing to get the immense tones he produces with his vocals and the mix is 100% doing him justice.

In conclusion, 'Soil Tongue' is an extremely solid return for Postmortem Promises. A great track, backed by a sick video as well! The band has not lost a step during their time away, and this single showcases their musicianship, songwriting, and versatility. Fans of deathcore and extreme metal, in general, do not sleep on this one. It's a sign of a promising comeback and their future in the scene.

Available on your streaming platform of choice on the 22nd of January.

FFO: Brand of Sacrifice, Ingested, Distant, Paleface, AngelMaker

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