When did you guys get started?

We started in 2010 as a full band but was a solo project consisting of Clinton Watts only from about 2008 to 2009.

Where do you guys hail from?

We’re all from JHB except for Clint, he is originally from Port Elizabeth. He moved up to JHB to do the band and pursue a career in Sound Engineering and Audio; both live and recorded.

Who is the longest-running member?

That would have to be Clint.

How would you define your music style?

Predominantly we are a post-hardcore band but our sound has evolved over the past 10 years.

What is your favourite show that you guys have played?

We have played so many to choose from – all the Jam Packed Productions shows, Ramfest 2019, Oppikoppi 2016, supporting I See Stars; Dreamshade on both SA tours; Affiance and probably SpeedoFest 2014.

What lead you guys to a career in music?

We’ve been in bands since high school, all loved playing our instruments. Some of us started playing in church bands or our siblings were in bands and our parents had a love for music, so it basically just followed us.

What is it like to be a metal band in SA?

It’s fun because we have a community that supports each other. We all know each other and it’s rad playing shows with mates. However, it is super challenging with the venues closing down and the support being minimal as it is a niche. We still love it though.

Who is the best band you guys have seen live? International and local.

That’s a tough decision, we’ve seen so many international bands perform live and each band has brought something so unique or the magnitude of tightness and performance has been incredible so we can’t just name one.

Locally, we love watching Red Helen, Facing the Gallows, Go The Rodeo, Climate Control, You Me and The Harmony, Man As Machine, Treehouse Burning, Mango Groove, Truth and It’s Burden, Defy Theory, Newtown Knife Gang.

Where do you guys record your tracks?

We record everything with our very own vocalist, Clint Watts – he has his own studio here in Joburg called Watts Recording Studio. Possibly the best quality we’re super happy with.

Have you guys done and tours?

We have only traveled to Cape Town to play shows, we’ve toured in other bands we’ve played in. But also the odd show outside of Joburg like hitting Pretoria or Potchefstroom.

What is your best memory as a band?

We keep creating the memories but we think the best memories are the ones when we played some awesome shows and hung out with rad friends and made new friends by being in the band.

Do you have any funny stories from the road?

So many… a lot of them include mixing too much food and booze in one day that half the band arrived to a show 10 minutes before going on due to matters of nature taking its course :’)

Who are your favorite local bands to watch/play with?

Basically all the bands we mentioned that we love watching live, except for Mango Groove, we’ve never played a show with them and not too sure post-hardcore would mix well with penny whistles.

Do you guys have merch on offer?

Hot diggity dang we do!

What bands are the biggest inspiration for your music?

Everyday life really, past experiences, life lessons and breakdowns that make you kak.

Where can people find your music?

Everywhere online. Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube Music, Amazon Music.

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