Tell us a bit more about your brand? How and when did you start? is an independent alternative brand based near Reading, UK! Our brand started in 2016 with one tee and very simple design work which gained attention on Instagram.

What was the main inspiration for starting up your very own clothing line?

I always wanted to start my own clothing line, I found it very difficult to find clothes that I wanted to wear (design-wise). I wanted clothing that was comfy and helped me express myself, so we started making designs for t-shirts and we decided to see if anyone else was interested and launched one tee with a very simple design on it. Designing artwork for fun was also a hobby outside of work, it was an escape from facing the everyday pressures and it was good to have a challenge.

Were there any challenges when you once started out and how did you overcome those said challenges?

Starting your own clothing brand is the first challenge, there are a lot of things you need to do and set up. Growing on Instagram and other social media is tricky as it is hard to get seen when you have a small following. We are still working hard at gaining our following but ways that helped were holding Giveaway competitions. Another challenge was holding our own inventory, when we started out, we were doing print on demand. This involved a lot of waiting for everyone involved! Having your own inventory is scary but we are glad we made the switch to full inventory last year – it means we can get our clothing out to you a lot sooner.

What advice would you give to yourself when you first started out?

Don’t give up, keep going, and have fun! Don’t be scared of what other people think of you and your brand, just go for it! Also, inventory isn’t scary – go for it!

Is there a fan favourite design in your catalogue? Why do you think that one is doing so well?

‘You’re Not Alone’ is definitely a fan favourite design! We first dropped the tee back in May and it sold out really quickly. I think the design did so well because it was different – the tee was baby pink. The saying is quite comforting, and I think it is nice to know that you’re not alone! We decided to get the design printed again but this time onto some black hoodies (done by the amazing Pins&Knuckles team!)

Where do you think the trends are heading in 2021?

That is a good question. I think oversized tees might be making a comeback!

With marketing playing such a crucial role in today’s day and age, how do you go about all your marketing shenanigans? Do you feel like online sales have been affected by the global pandemic?

Most of our marketing is done via social media – especially Instagram. Instagram is essential for us to get exposure! So if you’re reading this please give us a follow, @deathwishco! It is also very interesting, at the beginning of the global pandemic, we were very worried about online sales and we were surprised to see our online sales increased. Now we are further into the Global Pandemic we are finding our sales have decreased especially with furlough soon coming to an end – people are uncertain about their jobs and not spending on non-essential items.

Are there any other brands that you would recommend our readers to check out for inspiration?

Doom and Gloom Apparel, The NRTH, Dead by Dawn Apparel.

Do you have any words of wisdom for potential clothing line owners that’s looking to startup?

If you’re looking to start up my first words would be don’t be scared and go for it! Make sure you focus on your social media because it is a very important marketing tool that you will need to grow your following and don’t forget to engage! Put time into your brand, what you input is what you get out!

Where can our readers go to suss out your products?

You can suss out our products over at our website and save 10% off with discount code ‘deathwishco10’! You can also see more over on our Instagram.