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Tell us more about your brand and how you got started.

I started Dark As Day because I was an artist that wanted to try my hand at a new medium to put my art on. I had painted walls and decks before and was curious to try something new. I really liked the idea of people being able to wear my art so I thought starting a clothing brand would be perfect, and just like that Dark As Day Apparel was born.

What was the main inspiration for starting Dark As Day Apparel? 

I’d say the main inspiration for starting Dark As Day was ‘why not?’ I don’t have anything to lose and this could be my chance of doing something I’m passionate about as my full-time job, which is a rare thing these days!

How do you approach coming up with fresh new designs?

Music is a big go-to for me, I might hear a certain line in a song that immediately paints a picture in my head or sets a theme of a design.

What advice would you give yourself when you first started up?

Research! Do a heap of research, study and sample some tees and suppliers, I’ve wasted a lot of money on crap t-shirts and suppliers that will never see the light of day because the quality doesn’t match what we want to put out there.

Persist! There’s times you’ll feel like it’s not working out but persevere and put the effort in and don’t lose faith!

How do you approach using social media to brand your brand? Any tips & tricks you can share with our readers?

When it comes to social media we tend to be most active on Instagram, we do have a Facebook but we find that most people engage more on Instagram and we’ve seen the most growth come from there. As for tricks and tips, I’d say just keep up with stories, be sure to engage with your followers as much as possible and build friendships. At the end of the day we’re a small independent brand not a giant corporate brand so it’s nice to have people know they can message us at any time.

Can you share an experience that you felt an amazing win or positive experience for your brand?

We did our first trade show at Leeds tattoo expo 2019, and it was awesome! Met so many cool brands, artists and people. It was sick to see first hand what people thought of the brand and on the last day we had the artists that had been busy tattooing all weekend coming to the stall and buying stuff, I think that was a pretty proud moment for me.

Any other brands you would like to share with our readers?

Over the past year and a bit we’ve met a couple of awesome brands, a few are: Inner Circle Apparel , Bones Cult, Cousins Collective, High Dive Apparel, and Born to Lose.

Where can we go check out your latest range?

Instagrams the best place to keep track of us and any drops we have coming out!

And if there’s anything you want to see us produce, just drop us a message!


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