We all know the word, and we’ve all used it before. However, how much thought have you really put into what it means in the broader context of things? In this blog, I’ll be exploring this term and looking at how it applies in everyday life, as well as business!

What it means in business.

First and foremost, we’re a merchandising company. So there are certain expectations that go along with that, even for people who have never placed an order with us. This applies to any business, however, we’ll use our own for an example as our industry is a great way to illustrate this point. 

If you placed an order with us, and you get exactly what you wanted, you’ll probably place more orders in the future, because you know what to expect from us. Consistency comes into play after this, because we’ve set the bar with that first order. If we don’t do as good or better on future orders you wouldn’t keep placing them, would you? Probably not, so we strive to provide the same level of service and quality on each order we receive. 

This can be applied to absolutely any business, if the product or service is not at least the same quality every time, you’ll likely go somewhere else. This is where I think most people have a full understanding of the value of consistency, let’s look at some more subtle areas…

What it means in life.

We all know the term “You learn something new every day”, and it’s definitely true! We also know that being a good student means figuring out what works for you, not everyone learns the same way because not everyone has the same brain. The point I’m trying to make here is that we can actively improve how we learn, so that the “something” we learn every day can be more valuable to us. 

Much like learning to ride a skateboard or a bicycle, I can tell you how to do it all I want, but you’ll have no idea how to do it until you try! So I want you to try and think about consistency throughout your day, in work, in love, among friends, or even in your band. People’s brains are wired to recognize patterns, including patterns in people’s behavior. 

Let’s take a band scenario as an example: If you show up 5 times in a row without a guitar pick, and someone offers you a pick the 6th time, would you be surprised? Probably not, because you have set the bar for what the band expects from you and then the band adapted accordingly. This is a super simple example, however, this way of thinking can be applied to almost any aspect of your life.

Try practicing consistency consciously with things you’ve been struggling with lately, whether that be at work, in your band, in a relationship, or with yourself. Set small goals and strive towards being consistent in achieving them, even if it’s something as small as showing up to practice with your own pick. It’s important to set realistic goals that you can actually achieve and then slowly build from there. Pretty soon this mindset will snowball into something much bigger than what it started as!