We’ve been keeping our eyes and ears on the UK band, Blight Town, and we can assure you these guys are going to make big waves with the release of their debut self-titled EP. A creative endeavor into their sound, offering a window into what the band’s career could look like, which doesn’t look bad at all and we’re really excited to see where these guys are going!

One of the EP’s overarching qualities is the vivacity and sheer sassiness of each track. Launching straight into the lead single, “Argument Bargument’, smooth chords, electrifying guitar riffs bounce across the track, juxtaposing its light, boisterous instrumentals with beautifully mixed vocals that give their sound a cutting edge. All four songs on this EP follow the same nature and are just so rambunctiously energetic but cut with vocals that you’re not sure whether to dive headfirst into a mosh pit or pop and lock.

Vocal capabilities are put to the test throughout the whole EP and do not disappoint. Lead vocalist, Jake Hough, offers some truly angelic moments and gritty screamo vocals during his high peaks and are beautifully mixed and blended with all the songs. Definitely a stand-out for me whilst listening through the EP.

Versatility is exactly what this EP is; a creative playground that pushes the boundaries for what can be achieved in terms of sound and genre for an upcoming post-hardcore band. After your first listen you’ll see the drastic contrast between the eccentric tracks, the unexpectedly soulful “Dance, Gavin, Dance-Esque” moments in “Jejunum” that calls for an emotional and somber listen, then leaping back into “Don’t touch me I’m covered in poisons” that is intoxicatingly riff-heavy and border the lines of metalcore with melodic, catchy instrumentals and gnarly vocals. In a nutshell, I’d say Blight Town is a perfect blend of prog, pop, and hints of metalcore, backed by very powerful instrumentation, and amazing production.

If groovy, techy, post-hardcore is your thing; we highly recommend checking these guys out. The only downfall is that this EP will leave you hungry for more.

Thanks to Sam for sending on the EP so we can have an early listen, I really enjoyed deciphering and indulging every aspect of this release.

You can catch them live on the 30th of July at The Hairy Dog, Derby, and the 30th of August at The Chameleon, Nottingham.

Stream the EP here.