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Guys! Thanks so much for taking the time and joining us for the interview, stoked to have you! For our readers that might not be aware of Blight Town, could you give a brief introduction of the band and how you guys started out?

We’ve all been really close friends since high school and all the time we’ve known each other as individuals music has always been our biggest passion. For the last eight years, this band has been brewing. It just never took off, the main thing was finding a drummer for most of that time.

You guys have a really unique blend of sounds and super catchy riffs! In which genre would you place the band?

Ah, thanks for that! We definitely think we lean more towards the post-hardcore side of things. We have elements of math in the mix but it’s certainly more heavy and thrashy rather than twinkly.

It seems that your latest video is being received really well by your fans. Is there anything interesting that you guys could share from the making of the video and the recording process?

We had a crazy idea and just went with it, we loved the aesthetic of all those old infomercials and it was a bit of a rip on marketing our music, hence the advert!

The main plot of the video was based on a crooked cop and his hacker accomplice sabotaging our advert for our EP.

The office shots were filmed in our bassists’ jiu-jitsu gym, so when we weren’t recording we were literally rolling around and vibing on crash mats.

Can you give us a hint of when we can expect to hear some more music from you guys?

We’re booked in to finish our debut E.P this month, all being well it will be released late December/Early January. So, were really excited to finally release it and move forward with our music!

What has been the highlight of the band in your career so far?

It’s really difficult to say! We’ve definitely had some really great moments at live shows. Usually, that’s where most of the action happens! We’d probably say our show at Rough Trade that involved a guy removing his trousers and swinging them around his head in appreciation.

COVID-19 has impacted the music industry more than we ever expected and it doesn’t seem to blow over as quick as we thought it would. What did you guys learn from all of this?

Yeah, absolutely. I guess we’ve learned that gigging is really important to us because we have sorely missed being able to get out and perform. I think we’ve also learned that there are other ways to promote your music and get your name out there.

What is your take on merchandise? Do you guys think it’s an important component for bands to focus on?

100%. It means you can spread the word about your band and also be creative in a different way of designing logos and prints. It makes an important statement about the band. Particularly in the current climate, it’s a good way to fund making new music.

Do you have any cool stories to share that have happened at gigs or on tour that might be worth telling?

To be honest most gigs usually just end up with us all piling into the car and eating KFC at an ungodly hour! However, probably our favourite gig was for the farewell show for Skies in Motion. It was an amazing gig with a sick atmosphere and generally a banging night!

Last but not least, where should our readers go to check out everything Blight Town related?

You can find us on Spotify and YouTube, and if you wanna keep updated with everything Blighttown give us a like on Facebook! Thanks for having us Pins & Knuckles!


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