Lotus Eater

Hey guys,

Thanks a ton for taking the time to have a chat with us.

I have to ask – where did the inspiration come from for the name Lotus Eater?

We had heard of the term ‘Lotus Eater’ before, although it was the title of a band’s song already, we had found a relatability with it; we are people that live life as a collective, with enough of the same ethics to call ourselves a group, and one that lives so absorbingly comfortable in our surroundings.    

What has been the highlight of the band in your career so far?

A notable few mentions that mean a lot to us have to be – signing to Hopeless Records in 2018, performing All Points East in London with the bonus of our own Jamie on stage for Antivist with Oli Sykes the same day. Being booked for download 2020 doesn’t look too bad either, that’s if it goes ahead.

You have such great designs for your merch.  Where does the inspiration come from and what are you trying to convey with your merch?

We all like to live on the cutting edge of society and within the knowledge of trends and cultures around us and around the world. So really it comes down to extracting the elements of popular waves, as well as adding our own touch of what we like to see – which is usually mysteriously sinister in its own clarity. 

How important is merch to a band like you?

Merch is just as important as any other vital component of what helps the gears turning in the machine-like band life. Without a source of income and without an entire range of collectible items to distribute and promote to the world, the rest is practically meaningless, especially if you want to start growing from the ground up.

What has been the craziest experience for the band in your years of touring?

Undoubtedly would have to be our tickle/accident with a 31 Bus to Walsall on the way to Stoke in the van. The internet very kindly donated an amount of money via GoFundMe to help the damage. We were all safe. Could’ve been worse places to miss. 

We saw you in 2019 at All Points East.  Great show!  How did it feel to feature on stage with Bring Me The Horizon?

It was Jamie’s first time experiencing a stage of that size, although unimpaired he let the performance do the talking, and apparently “the sweat was from the flames, not the nerves.” It really helped the band out too, and helped establish a connection with some new fans we hadn’t made an impact on yet, considering the lineup. 

COVID-19 has impacted the music industry more than we ever expected.  How did it impact you guys?

Unfortunately, we have had to postpone our UK/EU tour with Poppy this March because of it, and it would’ve only made things more difficult while on tour anyway. After being left with merchandise that was due to be sold on the tour and no tour to sell it on, we threw it online and our fans really helped us out. It’s made an impact on everyone really. The industry has been put on hold. 

What advice can you give bands starting out?

It would depend on how far into the process you are, a few things that are significant are – Don’t expect the internet and ease of connection online to do the work for you, the music really matters and the quality of your production is almost essential these days. If you want to bring to light something you believe has the potential to do well, it shouldn’t been dampened by a lack of effort to express itself as honestly as possible. Image, motive, music, being aware – there’s only so much you can do without experiencing it. 

Last one – the best live show you’ve ever seen.  Who was it and why?

We’ve seen so many bands together but whether it’s been on tour or just together at shows, we all thought The Acacia Strain Crystal Lake & Northlane were pretty strong live bands to see. All great at their instruments and you can feel the real musicians within them on stage.