Dark As Day

“I’d say the main inspiration for starting Dark As Day was ‘why not?’ I don’t have anything to lose and this could be my chance of doing something I’m passionate about as my full-time job, which is a rare thing these days!”

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Eve Wrestling Profile Pic

EVE – Riot Grrrls of Wrestling

EVE events are the place to forget everything you thought you knew about this previously male-owned world and see what happens when punk, feminism and pro-wrestling combine to create a night of death-defying, jaw-dropping, action-packed theatrical wrestling stunts fueled with cabaret, comedy and so much more…

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“We keep creating the memories but we think the best memories are the ones when we played some awesome shows and hung out with rad friends and made new friends by being in the band.”

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Ringside World

“When we launched, we were like no other product on the market. British wrestling was really starting to grow, but there wasn’t anywhere that gave fans and companies a place to find each other. It took time for us to find our feet…”

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Thirteen 10 Apparel

“An accidental VHS recording of Wrestlemania 15, I was hooked from that moment on. My Dad supported me through my childhood supporting WWE by spending his hard-earned money on Merch, action figures and took me to Insurrextion 2002 in London. For all that I am grateful!”

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The world seems to be heading into a new territory, at least for the time-being, with the COVID-19 virus tipping everything upside down. Working from home is certainly not a new idea for some, but for a big group of people it is a big adjustment to make.

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Lotus Eater

“We all like to live on the cutting edge of society and within the knowledge of trends and cultures around us and around the world. So really it comes down to extracting the elements of popular waves, as well as adding our own touch.”

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Etienne Grobler from The Southern Rebellion Tattoo Company in South Africa.

Let’s Talk Tattoos

“You need to keep in consideration if you’d like any more work done around the piece in the future, if you’d like to turn it into a full piece and add more elements to the artwork.”

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Simon Miller

“I’m not a natural salesman unless of course I’m in a ring and someone punches me in the face. Then, hopefully, that changes. I do enjoy the process of developing a t-shirt idea, but I do need to do better in terms of linking all those together and offering a product that each audience can enjoy.”

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The gap between the high street market and the merchandise market may begin to close as people are getting the exact same (or better) quality goods from their favourite band as they get from big name online or high street retailers.

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StayClose Clothing

We caught up with Harky, owner of StayClose Clothing, on how he started out, the impact and influence of social media on clothing labels as well as some helpful tips for future and beginner clothing label owners. He is such a sincere and honest person and we cannot be more honored to print for a clothing line like his!

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