Get in touch now to add high quality accessories to your merch line.  From hard enamel pins to woven patches – we’ve got you covered!

what we offer

hard enamel pins

We know storage space is always the first thought when it comes to travelling.  Don’t worry, we have you covered!  Custom lapel pins without backing is suitable for easy transport and storage. 

hard enamel pins with custom card backing

Show off with a high-end pin to expand your merch range.  With the hard card backing your pin stands out as next-level professional.  Custom design on the card backing can be different from the design on the pin.

phone grips

Phone grips are all the rave and is starting to become a must-have for every phone.  Expand your brand by adding this exciting addition to your merch range. 

woven patches

High-quality woven patch will bring an old-school vibe to any merch range.  Stitch them on a backpack or denim jacket or even just as is and you can’t go wrong!


Hard enamel pins

without custom card backing

50 - £149

100 - £189

150 - £275

250 - £364

500 - £568

hard enamel pins

with custom card backing

50 - £179

100 - £227

150 - £299

250 - £426.50

500 - £646

phone grips

50 - £175

100 - £229

250 - £437.50

500 - £745

1000 - £1190

woven patches

100 - £189

200 - £336

300 - £447

500 - £595

1000 - £990

What Our customers say

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Our pins came out better than we could have hoped for. Fast turn around, great quality pins and friendly fast communication throughout the process. Can't recommend these guys enough!

Lost Brethren

Mother Of Chaos

What can i say... Across the board just hands down one of the best merchandise companies I have worked with And such amazing value for money for Pins. I've used a few pin companies previous but none have a chance vs PinsClub for quality, value and customer service. Great correspondence through the whole creative process and customer service second to none. ORDER YOUR PINS NOW!!!!

Kasey Owens

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