Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell them how you came about starting your clothing line?

What’s up everyone! I’m Ben, from (not so) sunny South Wales, UK. Deadrep Clothing came from the logo. It’s my own design that I used for a music project which never really happened, and I just loved the logo, so started to build around it. The original plan was gym wear, ‘dead-lift’, ‘reps’.. get it? Plus I’d heard the phrase “I’m repping *insert brand* today”, so I just thought, ‘Deadrep Clothing’ has a sick ring to it, let’s do it!

What was your motivation to get it off the ground?

Designing logos and artwork started as a bit of hobby/escape for me, and as I come from an entrepreneurial background, I started to wonder how I could monetise all these designs and ideas I had. Plus, I have a bit of a ‘save the world’ complex, and I thought maybe I could spread some love in my own little way.

What is something you wish you knew when you first started your line?

I wish I knew more about social media growth and marketing, because that really is the basis of your online presence and is the main vessel for spreading your brand around!

What role do you think authenticity plays in the clothing line industry?

For me, it’s not all about authenticity, I mean, we have a Summer 2019 line which is really not authentic, but I do believe that the basis of a successful design brand is the creativity of it, which has to be authentic.

How has social media impacted upon the way in which you work and promote your brand?

As I said earlier, social media is everything in this business. You NEED to have a decent following and if you can get some influencers on board to help with promo, you’re well on your way,

What are some interesting and out of the box marketing a clothing line can do?

We often pledge a % of profits for a given time period to charities, which can often help with marketing because your customers feel they are contributing to something bigger than themselves as well as (dead)repping your brand.

What has been a highlight or a big win for your brand?

We have been lucky enough to get involved with some pretty high profile models from the Suicide Girls organisation which has been massive for us, plus we have been involved in high ticket model giveaway prize drawers, which we benefited from massively!

Any motivational words for potential clothing line owners?

Effort is EVERYTHING. You can do the minimum and get it back in return, or you can be creative and ‘ballsy’ with your marketing and designing, and just remember that there is no rule book. Do whatever you like, but do the market research before you spend money on ordering your designs in. They need to sell, above all else!

Where can our readers go to buy your clothes?

You can visit our social media pages on @deadrepclothing, or visit our website; www.deadrepclothing.com. If you are reading this, enter the code DEADREP10 for 10% off your order!

Model – Cloe Ozwell

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